• Ny tävling hos Millah

    Ny tävling hos Millah och jag hoppas jag vinner denna gången och ni mina besökare kan också vara med det enda ni ska göra är att gå in här.

    Tävla om en valfri vinst för max 150 kr från L8nyberg.se

    Om jag vinner så vill jag ha den här
    Rött nitarmband

    Det stog att de var slut tillfäligt kommer de inte så vill jag ha den här om jag vinner
    Mega kedjearmbandI silver


    Nya bilder på Dixon&Silver från serien!

    Spoiler!!Klicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildNEEEJ inte Dixon och Silver jag vill att de ska vara Silver och Teddy

    Spoiler Girlfight – press release

    NAOMI AND IVY GET INTO A CAT FIGHT ON THE BEACH, PLUS KELLY LYNCH GUEST STARS — Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) enlists Ivy’s (Gillian Zinser) help in reducing the awkwardness with Liam (Matt Lanter) and the three decide to go on a hike, something Naomi has never done. Naomi discovers Ivy’s alterior motives and confronts her by pushing her face in the sand. Naomi, Silver (Jessica Stroup) and Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) go shopping in the Palisades and run into Annie (Shenae Grimes) and Jasper (Zach Sherman). Jasper blackmails Annie with photographic proof of her hit-and-run, but she gives Jasper an ultimatum that puts her mind at ease. Adrianna and Gia’s (Rumer Willis) friendship continues to develop when the two throw a pity party for themselves. Silver (Jessica Stroup) and Teddy (Trevor Donovan) toy with the idea of trying to make a relationship work. Ryan (Ryan Eggold) meets free-spirited Laurel (guest star Kelly Lynch, “The L Word”) at a bar, but soon they move to her car so they can get to know each other even better. A surprise visitor shows up on the Wilson’s doorstep. Rob Estes, Lori Loughlin, Michael Steger and Tristan Wilds also star. Fred Gerber directed the episode written by Rebecca Sinclair and Jennie Snyder Urman (#214).

    AnnaLynne McCord talks ‘90210′

    213-03.jpgAnnaLynne McCord first came to prominence on the small screen as a scheming vixen called Eden Lord on Nip/Tuck, but she’s currently turning heads at West Beverly Hills High as Naomi Clark in teen drama 90210. Recently, Tube Talk’s LA correspondent Adam Tanswell had a quick chat with the former model to find out her thoughts on the show – and what she wants to see happen to Naomi next.

    How much fun are you having on the second season?
    “Working on season two has been a blast because there’s a lot of drama and there’s a totally different dynamic to the show after they tore down our school. It’s a totally different school this year and people keep saying to me, ‘Wait? Like, what happened here?’ Now there are marble entryways and courtyards. It’s so much prettier.”

    So, what’s going on with Naomi?
    “Well, Naomi is out for blood with Annie. She wants to get back at her for what she thinks Annie did to her last year with Liam. However, we all know it was actually her evil sister, Jen, doing the bad deeds – but Naomi is completely in the dark. Naomi is out to get Annie and ruin her life – and Annie starts to go on a downward spiral, which is really interesting to watch. This happy little Kansas girl who smiles all the time goes downwards into such a dark world where she gets hung up with the wrong people and falls in the wrong crowd. But things like this really happen in true life, so it’s good to address issues like this.”

    What happens to Naomi throughout the rest of the season?
    “Naomi goes through boy after boy after boy trying to get over Liam, which she cannot seem to do. The poor thing is so in love with Liam – and I’m totally fine with that because I love Matt Lanter!”

    Jessica Stroup Armani Exchange Celebrates Neverwood High’s Carlos Lopez’s Birthday

    Nya bilder på Jessica Lowndes

    Klicka för stor bildRiktigt fina bilder på den snygga Jessica Lowndes och de finns mucho nyheter kommer snart upp i bloggen.Klicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildFinaste bilden på henne.

    Klicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bild

    Svar till Linn

    Hej du jag ville kommentera men de gick inte när jag gick in till din blogg så jag kan fixa de du sökte efter men undra bara är de headern eller bakgrund eller hur vill du ha de?Och behöver din hjälp asså då dina ideer o så

    Tävla hoss DareDesign

    Jag är med i den här tävlingen och de kan ni också.:D
    MER info klicka på bilden

    Tävling: Nava Silver

     Jag är med i den en tävling och det kan ni med bara gå in här http://www.daredesign.se/blogg Och jag hoppas jag vinner åh dessa örhängen är så fina
    Gå in på bloggen om mer info

    Länk Nava Silver 


    Tävla om valfia örhängen eller hänge från wishdesign.se hos Cecilia
    Hoppas nu ja vinner:D

    Tävling - Mobil

    Jag är med i en tävling på millahs blogg.
    Mobilen finns här www.styleimport.com
    Och jag håller tummarna och hoppas på att jag vinner:D

    Kanske den nya headern?


    Fixat headern

    vad tycks fint eller?


    Silver Kort eller Långt hår?

    Klicka för stor bildGillar ni Silver med långt hår eller kort hår? vad är finnast?
    Vad tycker ni passar?


    De är katastroft i bloggen just nu i min blogg asså jag menar man kan inte ens kommentera!
    ska fixa de ja lovar och så hhar jag tänkt göra om designen:)
    Tänkte ha med alla på en bild så de blir typ häftigt ngt sånt.
    Men är de ngn som kan hjälpa mig eller tipsa mig om hur ja kan få hjälp ja menar om man trycker på ett inlägg eller så så hoppar hela headern som jag tror  ni också har märkt....
    Och så kan man inte kommentera!
    oj hur ska jag be om er hjälp när ni inte kan kommentera?
    jo gå in på trackback de går där;)

    Silvers Stil

    Klicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildÄlskar Jessicas StilKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bild

    Matt and Tristan

    EA Presents The Battlefield Celebrity Bracket Challenge
    0005.jpg 0003.jpg 0007.jpg 0002.jpg

    J. Stroup candids

    0001.jpg 0004.jpg 0005.jpg 0002.jpg
    Walking out in NYC

    90210 Ny trailer!!


    PS:Min blogg är lite rörigt när ma går in på kommentar eller på ett gammalt inlägg så hoppar den upp med header eller ngt sånt försöker fixa

    Beverly Hills glamourösa tjejer!

    Beverly Hills glamourösa tjejer!Glamour! Vilka tjejer!
    AnnaLynne McCord och Jessica Stroup från Beverly Hills 90210 de spelade in några scener för serien igår! De två skönheterna såg fantastiska ut, båda i glamourösa röda klänningar och vi anar att det kanske kommer ett Valentine's-avsnitt inom en snar framtid!Längtar!!!

    New “10 Things” promo


    New Shenae Grimes Candids

    2010-02-07-SG-005.jpg 2010-02-07-SG-008.jpg 2010-02-07-SG-001.jpg 2010-02-07-SG-003.jpg

    AnnaLynne and Kellan

    2010-02-06ALKL-15.jpg 2010-02-06ALKL-23.jpg 2010-02-06ALKL-32.jpg 2010-02-06ALKL-18.jpg
    Där ser man hur kan man säga att Kellan inte är vän med AnnaLynne?
    Nyheten är typ för några dagar sen.

    90210 Clip

    saknar 90210

    Nya bilder på Annalynne McCord

    2010-02-06BeachBowl-112.jpg 2010-02-06BeachBowl-89.jpg 2010-02-06BeachBowl-48.jpg 2010-02-06BeachBowl-17.jpg


    // 2010-02-06 Super Bowl XLIV Miami – Pepsi Refresh Project Cafe at Fontainebleau

    2010-02-06ALPepsi-08.jpg 2010-02-06ALPepsi-09.jpg 2010-02-06ALPepsi-25.jpg 2010-02-06ALPepsi-24.jpg


    // 2010-02-06 The 2nd Annual Big Give Big Game at Michael Bay`s Home

    2010-02-06ALBGBG-19.jpg 2010-02-06ALBGBG-46.jpg 2010-02-06ALBGBG-51.jpg 2010-02-06ALBGBG-43.jpg

    Jessica Teams Up for JED!

    Klicka för stor bild

    Brittany Snow, Jessica Stroup and Lucas Grabeel snap a pic with JED Foundation founder Courtney Knowles on the set of an upcoming PSA held at New Deal Studios in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (February 4). Sponsored by Mofilms.com, the new PSA takes a sartorial approach at how students, especially on college campuses can help friends deal with depression.

    The PSA, produced by Avatar’s Jon Landau, also features Raven Symone, Drew Seeley, Andy Milonakis, Ken Baumann and band Boys Like Girls. Drew posted from the set, “Just got here and ran into my boy Lucas, his sister Autumn, and Brittany Snow who I know from back in Florida! Crazy small world.”

    The JED Foundation is a nonprofit organization which is working to reduce the rate of suicide and the prevalence of emotional distress among college students and friends with undiagnosed depression.

    source:  Just Jared

    Grattis i efterskott Zachary Ray Sherman

    Zachary fyllde år igår och han blev nämligen 26 år och stort GRATTIS (K)
    Hoppades verkligen att han skulle vara med Annie hela serien men de blev inte så:(

    90210 bilder

     2010-02-01 filming “90210″ (Update)

    2010-02-03-BTS-018.jpg 2010-02-03-BTS-016.jpg 2010-02-03-BTS-030.jpg 2010-02-03-BTS-075.jpg


     2010-02-01 52nd Grammy Awards – Grammy Gifting Suite in West Hollywood

    2010-02-01-AL-04.jpg 2010-02-01-AL-01.jpg 2010-02-01-AL-03.jpg 2010-02-01-AL-06.jpg


     2010-01-31 The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards

    2010-01-31-JG-04.jpg 2010-01-31-JG-01.jpg 2010-01-31-JG-07.jpg 2010-01-31-JG-03.jpg

    ‘90210′ filming on February 03

    2010-02-02-BTS-018.jpg 2010-02-02-BTS-022.jpg 2010-02-02-BTS-021.jpg 2010-02-02-BTS-043.jpg
    2010-02-03-BTS-011.jpg 2010-02-03-BTS-049.jpg 2010-02-03-BTS-047.jpg 2010-02-03-BTS-037.jpg
    2010-02-03-BTS-044.jpg 2010-02-03-BTS-015.jpg 2010-02-03-BTS-046.jpg 2010-02-03-BTS-020.jpg

    Set pictures & AnnaLynne candids

    2010-02-01-BTS-008.jpg 2010-02-01-BTS-010.jpg 2010-02-01-BTS-012.jpg 2010-02-01-BTS-005.jpg


    2010-02-01 AnnaLynne McCord meets up with her sister Angel

    2010-02-01-AL-09.jpg 2010-02-01-AL-14.jpg 2010-02-01-AL-11.jpg 2010-02-01-AL-10.jpg

    90210′ Star Tristan Wilds Talks About The Show Without Rob Estes & Jennie Garth: ‘It’s Different’

    He says the vibe has changed since the two stars took off.

    The CW’s 90210 has certainly taken a hit in the past month — both Jennie Garth and Rob Estes decided to leave the show to pursue other ventures — but star Tristan Wilds says the cast is carrying on just fine. “We still remain family,” he told HollywoodLife.com exclusively at OK! magazine’s 3rd Annual Midnight Grammy Brunch on Jan. 30 in Hollywood. And as for the vibe on set, he says it’s a little different now. “Not in a bad way,” he said. “Not in a good way. It’s just different.”

    Tristan’s answer was definitely more toned down than the one we got from another 90210 star, AnnaLynne McCord. When we asked her about the couple’s exit from the show, she was pretty blunt about her feelings.

    “Um … [Jennie] hasn’t been on the show in a few episodes, but, um, we had fun,” she told us at the Jan. 28 Artists for Haiti event in Los Angeles. “Thank you for letting us do your show over again. We appreciate that.” And even though she didn’t seem to care about Jennie, she said she was “devastated” about Rob. “As everyone knows, I’m in love with Rob as are most women in the universe,” she raved. “I’m going to really miss you, Rob!!”0e215c9eadb5eeff__gallery

    Jessica To Jennie Garth: Please Come Back!

    Jennie Garth may have announced she’s leaving the revived 90210, but she’s not gone for good—at least not if onscreen half-sis Jessica Stroup has anything to do with it!

    “There’s no saying she’s never going to come back,” Stroup recently told us. “She’s my sister. She will come back…I’m going to make it happen!”

    But getting Kelly Taylor back to West Bev isn’t all Stroup’s character, Silver, has to worry about. She still has plenty of high school dramz going on, including a juicy love triangle with ex-beau Dixon (Tristan Wilds) and campus heartthrob/player Teddy (Trevor Donovan).

    So, we’re dying to know: who does Silver really want to be with?

    “It’s a tough call, but I think right now, deep down, Silver really wants to be with Teddy,” Stroup said.

    Ironically, Stroup says she didn’t exactly welcome Donovan when he joined the cast. “When Trevor first started, I was like, ‘I don’t know about this guy—I’m not sure,’” she said. “It was literally like art imitating life and life imitating art. At first I thought he was stepping on our territory, but I’m actually having a blast with him.

    “He’s such a good guy,” Stroup continued. “His character is finding his way to be a good guy as well.”

    ska hon också inte vara med!!!

    Jessica Covers ‘Foam’ Magazine

    Klicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bildKlicka för stor bild

    Rob Estes Moves Out of 90210


    The CW confirms that Rob Estes will no longer be a part of 90210 as of next season.

    Though widespread reports have it that Rob Estes has “quit” the CW’s remake, I’m hearing there’s more to the story, which also may explain Jennie Garth’s departure…

    According to insiders close to the negotiations, Estes is leaving the series because he could not agree on compensation for the upcoming season with the CW. I’m told the show’s producers ultimately were willing to let Rob go because executive producer Rebecca Sinclair and her creative team would like to focus more on the younger castmembers (AnnaLynne McCord, we’re looking at you) and less on the older—particularly those who starred on the original 90210 and Melrose Place series (such as Jennie and Rob).

    “They just don’t want the old people on the new show anymore,” one CW insider tells me of the show’s bosses, while another source adds that producers are simply “trying to establish a separate identity for the new show.”

    The CW has no official comment on Estes’ exit yet, but is expected to release a statement later today.

    As for what’s next for Jennie, whose 90210 departure was confirmed last week, Jennie herself tells me that she has “lots of irons in the fire,” including a children’s book, work with the American Heart Association and a new small-screen project with a certain Twilight star with whom she just so happens to be married.

    “My husband [Peter Facinelli] is writing a script we’re developing for television,” Jennie tells me.

    Who needs that silly ol’ ZIP code after all?

    UPDATE: A rep for 90210 tells us: “This is Rob’s last season on 90210. He’s a talented actor and we couldn’t have asked for a better Harry Wilson. But if fans tune in, they’ll understand why Rob’s character is leaving.”

    And Rob Estes himself has just given us this statement: “This is my final season on 90210 and I wish the show, cast and crew nothing but the best. I am looking forward to spending time with my kids and exploring other opportunities.”

    Snyft:(Synd faktiskt!älskar Rob Estes i serien

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